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I work with metal, found objects, clay, recycled wire - whatever is needed and can be sourced to create a sculpture or a piece of jewellery which relays a message, narrates a story or simply adds some glitz to someone's life!

Whenever possible my pieces are ethically made, using discarded, unwanted items and recycled silver.

The frogmouthed owl occasionally sits on the road at night, to be blinded by the car lights.  She is transformed and not forgotten as her remains are carefully  brought back to life.

Citizens of the Sea - collection of works using porcelain and mixed media 

In my studios at Doonan many challenges are faced on a daily basis.  These include sourcing materials, conceptualizing artworks, drawing on a memory bank of old skills, new ideas, and attending workshops to upskill, networking and revisiting methods to disburse the message - that is care for the environment and care for each other - it is all connected 


For almost thirty years I worked with clay, mainly as a ceramic artist but also as a potter.  Now, after many back problems and surgeries, I now use mixed media and metal as my primary materials. Using a variety of media, particularly incorporating silversmithing techniques, generates many challenges and rewards.