Fractured Families - Broken Bodies

The hidden scars of trauma - physical and emotional. We are connected to the earth and to each other, we are responsible for the changes.

Ceramic, raku fired, mixed media - bones, fabric, screws, nails, knitted metal, beads

Left to Right: "Am I Pretty Enough"; "Am I Strong Enough"; "Will This Do"; "Everything is Fixable"; "Time Will Tell"

Citizens of the Sea - Protection of Species

Ceramic, mixed media, found objects

This body of work utilizes many skills including sculpture, ceramics, jewellery making and metal work and is  intended to not only raise awareness of environmental concerns  but also social problems.  This series is continuing to grow in number and is informed by artists such as Hans Rudolf Giger, Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali and Patricia Piccinini 

A small selection of sculptures created during 2012 - 2013

Top left to right:

Cast bronze; porcelain, copper; sterling silver; timber "is this enough"

Cast bronze; porcelain; copper; sterling silver; timber "everything to everyone"

Stoneware clays; bolts, feathers; tap; timber "Great Western Red Footed Water Bird"

Stoneware clays; bolts; feathers; found objects; timer; timber "Beautiful Red beaked Time Keeper Bird"

Raku fired torso; clay masks for totems