Upcycled Jewellery

Using old anodised saucepan lids, these funky earrings and bracelets are ready to wear!  Every piece is individual, each piece has the value in you knowing that the materials used are finite

Upcycled aluminium saucepan lids and biscuit tin lids, sterling silver hooks and backing discs. All material ethically sourced; lids are becoming scarce now and finding the old aluminium orphaned pot lid is always a bonus!

Peruvian inspired

All jewellery represents Peruvian rock walls and gates

Wild Waters pendant

The dispute concerning one of Australia’s most environmentally controversial developments – i.e. the dumping of 3 million cubic metres of dredged material near the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park as part of the Abbot Point coal port expansion has not been resolved, the implications of the prior decision to dump had far reaching effects.

The piece I have made reflects the mistakes, neglect and misuse of what may become of our beautiful and magnificent Barrier Reef -  a sad little cheap show, a quick stopover for tourists needing a reminder of what has become of the legendary Great Barrier Reef.


Materials:  recycled silver, brass, copper, shearwater bird bone, coral, shells, resin, porcelain.

Reflections on Arrival

Winner of Friends of Noosa Regional Gallery 3D award at "Taste of Art" January 2014.  Silver, brass, porcelain, pumice


I was inspired to make this piece as an entry into "Taste of Art" in Noosa.  This was the first piece I exhibited in my new environment and it narrates the processes experienced during my move.  


The emotional and physical changes and upheavals are depicted using ceramic (as my background for thirty years) a fabricated spinal vertebrae and disc using silver and bronze (to represent my recent surgery and the feeling of fragility) and pumice (masses of this wonderful medium were swept up onto the beaches only 20 minutes from where I now live)

Sterling silver (rolled & pressed) with porcelain beads - thread through pendant. Private commission
Sterling silver (rolled & pressed) with porcelain beads - thread through pendant. Private commission
a selection of earrings ready to market
a selection of earrings ready to market